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Florence Homecoming - Apartments lodging in Florence Italy

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Santo Spirito
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Through the years people have passed through Florence and have "fallen in love" with this marvelous city.

We invite you to return for a Florence HomeComing "experience" or to come to Florence for the first time and live the city as part of the "Florentine lifestyle" in a characteristic and comfortable lodging that Florence Homecoming offers!

We have various types of apartments of different sizes and budgets suitable for tourists, business people and students.
Florence HomeComing would like to introduce to you the manager and creator of an innovative way of spending your vacation in Florence.

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Ponte Vecchio - The historical bridge of Florence
Ponte Vecchio


Apartments for rent in Florence

Rooms to rent in Florence

Santo Spirito Church in the centre of Florence
Santo Spirito Church

Lodging in
Florence Italy

Apartments and rooms

Apartments Lodging in Florence
Florence Home Coming
Santo Spirito
di Luz Maria Ochoa
Via Santo Spirito
50125 FLORENCE - Italy

C.F. CHOLMR 65D55 Z604 H
Tel.: +39 055 239 65 08
Mobile: +39 333 400 58 23

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